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About Us



A brief insight into our world.

The Thin Kings, who are they? what are they?...
Well lets start at the begining. Hailing from Barnsley in South Yorkshire,after stints in various bands(Mr Moon, Chisel,Pure Pressure,Talk Like Mad), over the last twenty years our four hombrez joined forces. Out of love for music and knowing that true songwriting can never die. With all the current crop of pop idols (Arrgghhh!) and television wannabees (Double Arrrggh!) it's just good not to forget what the hell rock'n'roll is all about.
Reese: Acoustic Guitar / Lead Vocals / Harmonica
Moon: Drums & Percussion / Backing Vocals
Dalton: Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals
Flirk: Bass / and all round dancing clown
What do they sound like? Oh god that ever boring question of 'what are your influences? , what a great question you might as well ask 'Whats my favourite colour?' Phil Lynott, Arthur Lee, Andy Partidge are just a few that come to mind.
Modern day bands that they get compared to are the likes of The Zutons or even Calexico but heavier.
dont take our word for it catch them live! 


Reese Edwards (edward longshanks)
The founding member of TTK and main songwriter, although in his fourth decade has the enthusiasm and drive of a small possum. His vocal delivery has a warmth that is rare but he can belt out stompers with gusto, though he does have to have a wee nap afterwards.
Born to welsh gypsies in the shadow of Snowdon, Reese assessed early on that life in the hills would not benefit his musical aspirations and so settled in the happening town of Barnsley, his first and fatal mistake.
His fondness for old westerns, cool jazz,and great 70's Rock has moulded the thin kings songs into an eclectic blend that may take some adjusting to but like many of lifes most potent vices, it's a taste worth aquiring.
Favourite drink- Whiskey
Favourite word- Varmint


Moon Edwards (clock edwards)
The younger handsomer sibling of big iron Reese, Moon took up drums in a vain bid to lose weight. Luckily for him he got quite good at it and the rest is mystery. In demand due to his keen ear and timekeeping skills 'the clock' has constantly been in beer wages throughout his drumming career and looks forward to buying a pint of his own when his ship comes in.
Favourite drink- smooth
Favourite word- smooth


Flerk (naranca)
With his tight ginger mullet and graphite stick bass, young Paul Kirkwood cut a dashing figure in the slap happy 80's local music scene. With maturity and wisdom the orange one grew to love the subtle talents of the jazz greats like Pastorius and Dave from Chas'n'Dave. He brought these skills to Reeses table and the band took on form as Junkyard Dog with Flerk playing so furiously that he wore away the end of his index finger. Now digitally challenged he finds solace in home recording and unreality TV.
Favourite drink- stella
Favourite word- fibrulation


Raised by gay miners in a luxury council house in barnsley, Dalton's only hope of breaking the shackles his parents had fashioned for him from gaffer tape was MUSIC. His first love was rock but he can roll on occasion. His fast receding hairline has given the guitarist the aggressive edge needed to ring some meat from his axe, even on the soft songs. With a multitude of illnesses and neuroses accumulating you may get to see him drop dead on stage at a venue near you soon,check it out!
Favourite drink- cali red
Favourite word- bollocks


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