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Gigs and News


Things sure are quiet in TTKville... too quiet. We're not  dead, just plannin world domination and makin up new tunes for your delectation and delight.
First gig of the year is Saturday March 11th at The Manx in Barnsley, expect top tunes and guests as it falls in between Reese and Dalton's birthdays, we are accepting lager as currency and gifts. More gigs in the pipeline which will be added when confirmed (the New Inn, Marsden on 28th May as well as revisiting the splendid Farm in Skegness on Sunday 16th April and sat 13th May wi guests and headliners more famous, but not as good as, our thin selves).
Also check out Cartoon World on our new music download bit. ENJOOOOOOOOOOOOOOYYYYY!

Only a couple of gigs pencilled in up to Christmas as we are working on some new songs and a bit of recording. Check us out on Wednesday 2nd Nov supporting 'The Plastic Beatles'at 'The Picturedrome' in Holmfirth where later we may be supping tea in Nora Batty's caff and rolling down some hills to the sound of mouth organs and canned laughter.
After that it's a TTK special at 'The Manx' in Barnsley on Thursday December 1st with Stuburt in support and possibly other guests TBC, watch this spaaaaaace!

Moon the Racoon
At 'The Farm'

The'Farm' appearance on Saturday 8th October was a great gig once more for all involved. Stuburt played a handful of songs including some new ones and his soulful version of 'It's like a jungle sometimes'. A great start. Next up Cudworths favourite sons Cuba took the lounge stage up tempo and got the first dancers and drunken staggerers of the night, top lads! Gaia played another blinding set with some intense harmonies and that wall of sound, majestic but scruffy.
The Thin Kings got to headline this time and apart from an early string break for Reese things rocked and rolled mightliy towards the huge scrotumed beast that is 'All along the watchtower'. Loads dancin and singin throughout the set, bring it on sir!
DJ Tyla finished off the night with some techno grooves though was interrupted by the occasional half cut jam and an acoustic set by TTK apart from Dalton who was by 3am slumbering in the luxury of his Zafiras back seat. Nice!

New Inn at Marsden. Straight from The Farm TTK vanned it (cheers Tyla) to the pennines to play at good mate and Bungalo inspiration Stretch's local. The band soon got warmed up if not a bit sweaty and by Sister Night at the end of set 1 the punters were lovin' it like Ronald Mc Donald.
Set 2 and it seemed too easy. Original songs, especially Bungalo went down like classics and the covers sealed the deal.
Come on A&R taste our sweaty black shirts, don't be scared!

Organic Rockin at THE FARM

Check out Moon on form in the Gallery.......


Wow!!! Great couple of nights at 'THE FARM ',top venue at Chapel St Lynyrds. On Aug 13th we did the biz in a downpour with Gaia and Shades who both performed best sets I've seen em do. Top weekend.
TTK followed up at same venue a fortnight later and were well looked after by Genial hosts Andy, Kate and all. On same bill as Wreckless Eric, who generally was a miserable old git with some good lyrics and a ridiculously loud guitar. TTK stole the show and we jammed till dawn on friday and saturday, especially Moon who was in good spirits and belted out some great beats. Looking forward to more gigs there in the near future.

THE FARMHOUSE FESTIVAL at Chapel-St Leonards (near Skegness if you want to bring a bucket and spade) on Saturday 13th August is the next gig where you can catch The Thin Kings, Gaia and Huddersfield folkie Andy Shades among others. After that there's a more acoustic side to TTK that you can see at The New Inn at Marsden near Huddersfield on August 28th, put on your red jesus sandals baby, cos we goin out tonight, oh yes!

B.O.M Fest Sat 23rd July '05
What a crackin do that was, three big cheers to local heroes GAIA and the rest of the team that helped drag Barnsley somewhere closer to the 21st century. Some really great bands from all over yorkshire and headlined by a Manc, only right considering that it took a Manc to get the whole BOM thing started,(well done Dave).
For a full review of who played and other related news check out GAIAs own site.
For our part we took the stage at about 4.40 and endured sound difficulty for the first few numbers but undaunted got the first dancers of the day as we picked up steam. By the time we were into 'jungle bungalo' (nice to see stretch in the audience) the crowd seemed to be buzzin and response to that song and 'Watchtower' was inspiring. We want MORE!!!
Great gig for us. Great acheivement for GAIA and the rest. Great day for Barnsley.

TTK at the BOM
more pics from gig in gallery

New Single 'Cartoon World' out NOW!
Cartoon World as first aired on bbc RAW Talent acoustically has now been rocked up and recorded. Flerkio now showing deft skills with his 8-track has captured the no bullshit sound of TTK and with the vocal aid of Daltons young brood there's a middle eight to die for. Other new song, the mellower Homecoming is pretty lush too, buy em, check em, love em!

Check out The Middle Ages Album by The Thin Kings


Latest recording of original stomper CARTOON WORLD and weeper HOMECOMING are on sale at gigs and through email. For info on the new songs check out Gigs and News.
The debut album THE MIDDLE AGES  is also available for purchase
tracklisting as follows:
3. D.O.T.S

* Album is currently
priced at £5.00 pounds,
and can be purchased
at gigs.

FM gig Newcastle 16th October
howaaay man!!!

Here's a rundown of forthcoming gigs so far :
Friday 3rd June:  KEBS (Sportsman)at Blackshaw Head (Near Hebden Bridge).18th june chunky fest@honeywell college,1.30afternoon.
Sunday 10th july:hebden bridge trades club
Saturday 23rd July:  BOM Fest at Barnsley Main Memorial Park with loads of other bands and that bloke from Inspiral carpets. Starts at 12 noon and music and events on til midnight, yes there is a beer tent! 
Sunday 28th August:  New Inn at Marsden near Huddersfield (afternoon sesh again).

Excellent night at KEBS (sportsman) gig near Hebden Bridge. TTK Vs The Pringles. Two very different styles. Best song of night Sunshine Superman closely followed by Hendrixy Watchtower. The competition was sweaty and close but in the end a tie was confirmed so we're off to the next leg later in june. After show was a real blast with The Kings and virtually rest of the pub singing half arsed bits of songs till the early hours. Top stuff! THIS IS WHAT THEY WANT!!
FRIDAY JUNE 3rd sees TTK playing KEBS again but this time as the full rockin outfit, can't wait. CDs will be on sale

Next TTK gig is at The Sportsman( Blackshaw Head near Hebden Bridge) on Saturday 21st May, for the semi finals of a great competition being held over the whole Halifax/Hebden area. Its acoustic night so the kings are polishing up their harmony vox and trying out new arrangements and covers. Should be top, fingers crossed we get through to the next heat.

Guys from GAIA  organised a cracking gig to get music lovers geared up for crimbo. GAIA headline, The Thin Kings and Silverjet warmed up along with Leeds based prodigy Jon Gomm. Silverjet from Sheffield opened with some good ole boogie rock. The Thin Kings next started with a rocking,chaotic jam thing before launching into Oh Well by Fleetwood Mac. NICE! The rest of the set went well. Reese on form getting good rep with the audience even though he can't sing he aint pretty and his legs are thin. Great gig.

WEDNESDAY 27th OCT  Local at Barnsley Courthouse pub on Eldon Street. Not many in. Stuburt did an acoustic guest spot lending some solid ambience to the room. Tyla kept things movin with some choice discs. The Thin Kings gave it all and tried out new cover song, Go Your Own Way, which was well received by the regulars.SUNDAY 31st OCT at the COURTHOUSE again for a Halloween rock night. A fun night and Tyla did the kings proud in the sound department despite blowin a tweeter,(not a euphamism).

Reese and Dalton braved Hull to do a short promo interview for THE MIDDLE AGES. Producer Katy thought it would be a good idea to play an acoustic song so an impromptu Cartoon World was delivered to whoever was listening. Luckily this meant we had less airtime to talk and got a live song and Jungle Bungalo from earlier RAW session on the air. Cool. Photos by LISA McCARTNEY in the gallery.

The:Thin:Kings:Live 16/10/04
The guys played a rocking set at FM Bar Newcastle
For individual band shots take a look at the gallery page!
The band played selection from their debut album and a hand full of covers.
The live highlight at the minute is their blistering cover of 'All along the watchtower'  

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